GIRLWITHABOOK is an idea. The idea that an educated girl is the most powerful tool for change.

GIRLWITHABOOK is a movement of people who believe in amplifying the voices of girls around the world, whether it is through photos or videos, articles or social media, to let their stories be heard. Why? Because there are too many people, too many institutions, too many countries where girls are denied their rights and their education on the sole basis of their gender. 

GIRLWITHABOOK began as a social media accident in October 2012. Co-Founders Olivia Curl and Lena Shareef sent out a call to action to their friends and families: send us a picture of yourself reading a book and show that you stand in solidarity with the millions of girls around the world who are fighting for an education. They didn't expect it to spread beyond their friends and family, but the idea snowballed and they received hundreds of photos from girls, women, and men all over the world. 

Today, GIRLWITHABOOK is an international movement that gives girls a platform to share their stories, in their own words. We envision a world in which going to-- and staying in-- school is an honored reality for every child. By exposing their barriers and raising awareness in whatever way we can, we hope that you will stand with us and the millions of girls who are fighting every day for their education.  





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